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Installing UniFi Controller on Arch Linux | ARM

I realize that the subject by itself seems to limit the interested audience of this post significantly. It took some tweaks to get the UniFi Controller from Ubiquiti working on Arch Linux | ARM though and I wanted to get it out there, if only just for me.

Go I/O is Fun*!

* For certain definitions of fun.

Dynamic Server Management With Doozer and Groupcache

Groupcache, while not a complete replacement for memcached, is an amazing caching library. In just a few lines of code, you can greatly improve the access time to your immutable data. One of the problems many people quickly run into when using groupcache is maintaining a list of peers where the cached data is distributed.

Hosting Your Own Godoc

One of the biggest reasons to use Go is its great tooling. Godoc is one of those tools and it makes documentation so simple that you’ll be wanting to document your code instead of dreading it. Besides having a command line interface for displaying documentation, it can also start an HTTP Server. is a public version of this for the standard packages. GoDoc does a similar thing for public packages.