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Docker Private Networks and Nginx

Last time, I discussed setting up OpenVPN so I could access the systems on my home network remotely. One of the systems I use is nginx. I use it primarily as a reverse proxy to my others systems (gogs, drone, etc). The reasoning behind this is that I can use nginx as a sort of TLS termination proxy to all of my others systems. This way I only have to manage my certificates in one place. Using docker private networks allows me to ensure that the systems are only accessed via nginx as well.

Securing Your Connection With OpenVPN

Recently, I wanted to setup a private development environment for my home. Public places like slack, github, etc. are great for open source development and enterprise teams. It can be expensive to pay for some of their services though if you are on a small team or do side work here and there. For me, spending a few hundred dollars on a cheap computer (I went with a NUC), allowed me to setup all the services I needed for a small team that would quickly pay for itself. Over the next several posts I’ll explain how I did it all with open source software and docker. I was able to get up a git repo (gogs), a CI system (drone), and much more running in just a few days.

Installing UniFi Controller on Arch Linux | ARM

I realize that the subject by itself seems to limit the interested audience of this post significantly. It took some tweaks to get the UniFi Controller from Ubiquiti working on Arch Linux | ARM though and I wanted to get it out there, if only just for me.

Go I/O is Fun*!

* For certain definitions of fun.